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We are a locally owned and operated pet grooming salon in the Douglasville Area. Although we are somewhat new to the area, we are not new to the industry. We have been in the industry for over 7 years. The main philosophy at Pause 4 Paws Pet Grooming And Salon is to provide the best possible care for your pet in a professional yet caring way.

We offer multiple packages of pet grooming services. All dogs are hand dried and fluffed as well so they are sure to look their best. Cage dryers are never used. Dogs with skin conditions should especially be bathed every 4-6 weeks to prevent itching and scratching which may worsen the skin condition. We will work with you to schedule regular appointments to keep your dog feeling clean and looking good.

We offer extremely low pet grooming prices compared to others in the area. Please call today to book an appointment.

The Owner Richard Lott,  has worked in the public sector managing large corporations over the last 14 years. Richard has since retired from the corporate world and recently opened Pause 4 Paws Pet Grooming and Salon in 2012 to pursue his passion and love for animals.

Edgardo “Eddie” Lott, Owner and Groomer, originally from El Salvador, moved to the Douglasville Area in 2012. Eddie has worked in the grooming industry for over 7 years now. Eddie has worked for several groomers in the Greater Los Angeles area for 5 years before moving to Douglasville and worked along side well known groomers in Greater Los Angeles. Eddie and Richard opened the dog grooming salon together in 2012 and have built a loyal customer base in a relatively short time.