Spa Package Upgrades 2016-12-21T23:17:17+00:00

Fragrant Shampoos – Complimentary

Odor Clear

Deep Clean

Mint Julep

Hypo Remedy (Citrus)

Gentle Clean

Fragrant Shampoos – Upgrade

All Natural Oatmeal (Anti-Itch no chemicals)

Oatmella (Oatmeal)


Colon Fixation (Whitening)



Dr. FL33 (Flea and Tick)

 A La Carte* (add to Deluxe Wash or Groom)



Teeth Brushing

Nail Grinding (after nail trim)

Blueberry Facial

Coat Conditioning Treatment

Flea Treatment

Nail Trim (included w/groom)

Sanitary Trim

Face Trim (Included w/groom)

Paw Trim (included w/groom)

Day Care

We are now happy to offer Day Care Services (availability permitting) for an additional cost of $15 (without the Loyalty Grooming Program). There will be a Day Care Services charge for all pets left over 3 hours after the appointment time. Please check on availability when you schedule your dog’s grooming appointment.

*Please Note: For dogs in need of a little more encouragement, there is a $10 handling fee.