1 01, 2014

Purina Sues Blue Buffalo

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  May 6, 2014 Filed in court today (5/6/14). Purina Pet Foods is suing Blue Buffalo Pet Foods because (Purina says) they aren’t being honest about their ingredients. Gloves are off. On the new Purina website – www.PetFoodHonesty.com (no kidding – this is a Purina website) – Purina makes a bold announcement they are suing Blue Buffalo “because we believe the Blue Buffalo is not being honest about the ingredients in its pet food.” Purina shares that Blue Buffalo’s advertising and packaging state “NO Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals”. Purina is challenging this statement through “independent laboratory” testing that found “Blue Buffalo’s top-selling ‘Life Protection’ pet food products actually contain substantial amounts of poultry by-product meal.” And Purina claims that independent tested showed “Blue [...]